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UAW Local 1050 represents the production, skilled trades workers and retirees of Howmet Cleveland Works; a manufacturing facility which produces forgings for the automobile and aerospace industries as well as the Department of Defense.

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  •   Region 2B Director Dave Green Update:

  • UAW LOCAL 1050


    Sunday September 17th


    Ø  Elected Stewards and Officers are required to attend per the By-Laws.

    Ø  Please bring a co-worker.

    Ø  Executive Board recommendations will be presented for membership approval.

    Ø  Steward Training starts at 9:30AM




    In solidarity,


    James “Gappy” Burney

    President, Local 1050





    Monthly Membership Meetings Start Back September 17, 2023. Bring a Member with you. Contract expires Febuary 24, 2024.       BE PREPARED



     UAW Local 1050 Update


    Brothers and Sisters,


    We hope you all enjoyed the meal for our celebration of UAW Local 1050’s 75th yr. Everyone seemed to be happy with it. If you were unable to attend it, you can still collect your commemorative cup and decal at our Union hall. Our secretary is there on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 8am to 4 pm. You must show your work badge or photo id to collect the items.

    Within the coming weeks you will be seeing surveys coming out so we can get all of your input on what are the important issues for the upcoming contract negotiations. We encourage everyone to save up a little and not make any big purchases. We hope to get a fair and equatable contract for everyone. But we also need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

    Since May we have brought on 35 new hires and there are still more coming. Please watch out for our new members and help keep them safe as they learn their new positions. More members is always a good thing.

    We will start up our regular mothly membership meetings in September. We encourage members to attend to hear any updates we may have and to ask any questions you may have.


    In Solidarity,

    James “Gappy” Burney

    UAW Local 1050 President

  • The updated UAW Constitution is available. Just click on the UAW Constitution below.
  • NAACP-Detroit Chapter/UAW 60th Anniversary of Dr.Martin LutherKing Jr. March in Detroit before the historic March on Washington. UAW President Walter Reuther & the UAW was there in 1963. In attendance for 2023 are UAW Local 1050 members Karon Waites Jr., Bridgette Payne, & Emilio Morales. Also NEO UAW CAP Chair Marjorie Chambers.

    Southwest General is pleased to announce a long term agreement with Anthem has been reached.  Southwest General will continue to remain in-network for care for you and your family.

  • Important Changes To Your Howmet Aerospace Retirement Savings Plan
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  • Anyone hired after 2009 E.R.I.C. Plan (Employer Retirement Income Contributions)
  • County Board of Elections Directory (list)
  • Show Pride For Your UAW Local 1050 with T-Shirts and Hoodies (see prices here)
  • Thinking of retiring soon? Check out the retiree factors!
  • Learn how to read your V.I.N Number and Where your car was manufactured (see it here)
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Bring A Member to the

Union Meeting    


Contract Expires February 28, 2024 at 11:59pm






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UAW Constitution


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    Executive Board Meeting

        Friday September 15th

   General Membership Meeting

 SUNDAY September 17th



   Retiree's Meeting

Thursday September 21st




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