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Some of our web pages are in what is called ".pdf format". pdf stands for Portable Document Format and is identified with a ".pdf" on the links that you click on. Its like any other program (like Microsoft "Word")  that your computer needs in order to display .pdf documents/web pages. The inventor of PDF- Adobe Systems, has a free download so the public can use it to view .pdf files on your computer. Adobe is an ISO registered standard, ISO32000, recognized by the International Organization of Standardization.

You will get some spams from Adobe asking you to upgrade, or adding players and such from time to time. I ignore them by clicking "Don't Install", or clicking the "close" box in the upper right corner of the message box. This is the downside of using  free software, you will be solicited by Adobe, but Adobe is  necessary because it is an industry standard in web-based documents-catch 22.

How to Download Adobe Reader X


Printing forms

Adobe has a toolbar that opens when you are running Adobe software on documents that are .pdf pages. You can print individual pages from a document using the "copier" icon. It may take a few tries, but I got it to print the page I wanted.

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