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April 2021 Local 1050 Update

·        The company came out with another Policy “Allowing” employees to get vaccinated from the Virus on company time during working hours by excusing employees with “no points” up to 2 hours with no pay.

·        The company is currently trying to get the vaccination at the plant by teaming up with Drug Mart to administer the shots. More to come on this one.

·        The Veteran’s Committee Chair, Community Service Chair and Safety Rep-John Dowler recently resigned from the roles for personal reasons. I am currently seeking replacements to the Chairperson roles. Harry Samuels will be assuming the role of the Community Service Chair role and we have Candidates for the Veteran Chair Role. A decision will soon be made to fill the roles.

·        We are starting to get a rash of Members that want to file charges against other members from all the snitching that has been going on in the plant recently.

·        We are still waiting on Contract Distribution from the Company that is allegedly going to happen very soon. They should be printed by now.

·        There is a Bed Bug issue going on in S-Plant in the last couple of weeks. There has been an exterminator that has been actively on-site numerous times to treat. Someone is bringing them in the plant. Until the person is addressed bringing them in the plant from home, the issue probably isn’t going to get remedied.

·        We recently received another Letter from the International Union President Rory Gamble extending the April 15 deadline originally mandated of not having any Membership Meetings or events to continue until at least June 30, 2021.

·        We would like to thank Mark Mohn and Gappy for replacing the lights, refurbishing the vents and replacing all of the ceiling tiles well under budget and Doyle Hall looks outstanding.

·        The UAW Local 1050 Backpack update- We have more dates to continue giving away back packs to active Members before we start giving them to Retirees. The current posting is every Monday and Thursday from 8:00AM until 3:30PM up to May 10, 2021. We will have other dates in June before we open them up to Retirees.

In Solidarity,


Don Mohn                    

Don Mohn-President UAW Local 1050