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Arconic Cleveland Operations

2019 Safety Shoe Truck Visits

Tuesday-January 8th

Tuesday-January 22nd

Tuesday-February 5th

Tuesday-February 19th

Tuesday-March 5th

Tuesday-March 19th

Tuesday-April 2nd

Wednesday-April 16th

Tuesday-May 7th

Wednesday-May 21st

Wednesday-June 4th

Tuesday-June 18th

Tuesday-July 9th

Wednesday-July 23rd

Tuesday-August 6th

Wednesday-August 20th

Tuesday-September 3rd

Wednesday-September 17th

Tuesday-October 8th

Wednesday-October 22nd

Tuesday-November 5th

Wednesday-November 19th  

Tuesday-December 3rd

Wednesday-December 17th

Hours 6am 4pm

Shoe replacement forms (vouchers) are "accepted" by these vendors to pay for required Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) work boots. Contact your supervisor for the required paperwork.