John Kordeleski


W.E. Plant Committee Chair               




W.E./Skilled Trades Update



I hope all of you are enjoying the great summer weather because before you know it the snow will be flying. Only 127 days left until Christmas!!

As you have all seen the apprenticeship program has finally come to a reality. It has been a 5 year plus struggle with many different HR staff and supervision but we are on the road to building our Skilled Trades work force back up. The company is committed to promoting from within as we have been requesting all along. We have a very able work force that I am sure is up to the task.

In addition to the 28 apprentices that are enrolled as of now, the company has had discussion with the JAC about adding another class sometime in early 2019. For those individuals who were not assessment qualified from the first rounds of testing keep your eye on the bulletin boards. There will be dates for retesting the employees who took the test but didn’t move forward at that time. If you chose not to take the test at all you will not be eligible to retest but will be able to sign up again once the first list has been exhausted. We are hopeful that this process will be completed by the end of this year.

In addition to the apprenticeship we were successful in adding 4 FMS Trainees to the classification. With that came a JG increase and a bump up to the next pension factor for the FMS classification. We are currently trying to increase that number as well. With the amount of contracting out, in the construction of boxes alone, we can definitely justify an increase in the population numbers.

Stores and Receiving is still on our radar as well as repopulating the tool crib. We still believe that having your entire inventory of parts for repair off site just doesn’t make business sense at all. We continue to wait for parts that used to be easily accessible when they were down stairs in stores.

Contracting out, what can I say…. We are hopeful that with the addition of the apprentices and the possible addition of a second class that we will be able to curb some of the outstanding contracting out issues. At times the company has more contractors in an area then they have of their own Skilled Trades assigned to that area. This just goes to show how undermanned the company let the trades get into. The old HR manager finally came clean and said how wrong it was for the company to want 62 employees, deemed indirect labor, to take the separation package. I believe they got 9 to accept the package and that was detrimental to the department. At least now the company is trying to right their wrong.

For whatever reason the company doesn’t want to increase the head count in the Toolmaker classification. They prefer to send almost everything out to Keifer and when we get it back normally it needs to be fixed by our own Toolmakers anyway. Even with our old and outdated equipment our Toolmakers shine in everything they do, or redo for that matter. We will continue to try and get the company to populate this classification as well.

Please continue to work safe and keep an eye out for the new apprentices.

 In Solidarity,

                                                                                                                                                    John Kordeleski
UAW Local 1050
WE/Skilled Trades Chairman