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Update 9-11-18

UAW Local 1050 Health & Safety Update

Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,


The Safety Committee has been working hard to resolve the many issues across the lot. The issue at the top of our list is the air quality in wheels. There have been many employee complaints along with OSHA & EPA visits. We have also contacted the International UAW Health & Safety, which visited our site this past spring. All these things combined have hopefully opened the eyes of the company to start doing the right thing. We have had several meetings with low and high-level management to try to make things better. The company has made a commitment to us that they are going to spend some money to fix the problems that currently exist. Air surveys are being completed on the fume exhausts in H-plant, lube robots installed in X-Plant. It appears finally the smoke issues have become a priority for management. There is still much work to be done, but hopefully we will start to see a difference.


For those of you that are not aware we had a serious incident in early August where an Arconic employee was hit by a fork truck. Luckily the employee was only knocked down with minor bruises. The employee was on their cell phone at the time of the incident. Since the incident Arconic has made some changes to the cell phone policy as well as walkways being identified and repainted. Make sure that if youíre using a cell phone itís in a safe area.


Human Performance is back and has become a corporate objective. Corporate is pushing all locations to implement and sustain Human Performance. The safety committee has gone through training to become coaches for Human performance. The important thing to remember about Human Performance is to recognize when to STOP and seek help. Remember itís OK to STOP if youíre unsure or feel unsafe about a situation. Get help from your supervisor, a co-worker, or a member of the Safety Committee.


The Supervisor is the first person you should contact when you have a safety concern. Make sure you give them the first opportunity to correct your safety concern. If your supervisor is not able to correct the issue, contact a safety rep or union steward.       


The safety committee is looking for new members, especially from the off shifts. If you are interested, please let us know. Contact any Union official or committee member if interested. You can also call the Safety office phone with any in plant phone by dialing 2339 and leave a message and we will get in touch with you.


As always if you have any safety issues that are not being addressed by your supervisor feel free to contact the Safety Committee. Keep focused on your task and be safe.


            If you have safety concerns and need a member of the UAW Health & Safety Committee do not hesitate to get a hold of us. We have safety reps located in each business. Below is a list of UAW Safety reps by business and shift.

Large Aero

Small Aero





Sandy Bulls-1st Shift

Michelle Taylor-1st Shift

Eric Knuckles-1st Shift

Randy Stout-1st Shift

Larry Smith-1st Shift

Don Galloway-1st Shift

Brent Gibson-2nd shift

Donna Gibson-1st Shift

Kevin Fallon-1st Shift

Jim Pettit-2nd Shift

Rick Peck-2nd Shift

Scott Berhent-1st Shift

Clayton Merriweather-3rd Shift

Robin Koecher-2nd Shift

Doug Peko-2nd Shift


Lance Dempsey-2nd Shift



In Solidarity,

Dan Leatherman

UAW Local 1050

Health & Safety Chairman