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Update 9-24-20

UAW Local 1050 Health & Safety Update


I would like to address the Membership and talk about an issue that has been consuming not only our workplace but the world for the past months. The Coronavirus. This is something we have never seen before and I pray we never see again. This Virus has altered all our lives for the past months and who knows how much longer. There is so much information and misinformation out there, itís hard to know what to believe. I know we all have our opinions on the Coronavirus and unfortunately, we canít rely on opinions alone. Since the pandemic started, I have placed many calls, sent many emails and visited many websites to get the latest and most current information directly from the Ohio Dept of Health, Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the CDC. I encourage all of you that have any questions or concerns to do the same. Below is a list of contact information for ODH, CCBH and CDC. As always, the UAW Local 1050 Health & Safety Committee is willing to help answer questions and help address any concerns.


CDC: www.cdc.gov

Ohio Department of Health: www.ohio.gov phone: 1-833-427-5634

Cuyahoga County Board of Health: www.ccbh.net phone: 216-201-2090


We have been meeting with the Company weekly regarding the Coronavirus to receive updates as well as voice our concerns brought to us by the Membership. At this point the Company has followed the mandates and executive orders set forth by the State of Ohio. They have not gone above and beyond at this point. A few weeks ago, we were notified the company wanted to start temperature screenings at the gates upon arrival to work. We have met with the Company on a few separate occasions and are still waiting for answers to several questions we have. If you see or know of any issues, please contact a member of the safety committee or any other Union official. To date there have been 9 confirmed cases at our worksite. If you have symptoms, please contact the medical department here at work 216-641-4061. They will walk you through the necessary steps to follow if you have symptoms.


On July 20th I contacted the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and asked about our Membership having meetings. At that time, we were told we could but would have to follow strict guidelines to do so. Such as figuring out the number of occupants for safe social distancing, all attendees must be seated, all attendees must wear masks amongst other guidelines. We had the city of Newburgh Hts. fire department come to our Union hall and give us our capacity for occupants in the building per fire code. Based on State coronavirus mandates we can only have one half of that number of occupants in the building at one time and the number drops even lower when any tables and chairs are set up.


On August 14th, 2020 the Executive Board was able to have our first Board meeting since February based on guidelines given to us from the CCBH. A major topic of discussion at the Board meeting was Membership meetings. Based on information from the county and considering the Health & Safety of our Members, all Membership meetings are cancelled until the State of Ohio lifts the occupancy mandate. The Executive Board will revisit this issue in the coming months, and we will verify through the proper agencies to continue with meetings at our Union hall. The Membership will be notified when itís safe for us to have a Membership meeting at our Union hall.


If there is a need in the coming months for the President to call a meeting, we can do so by using a larger hall with much greater occupant capacity such as Locals 1005 or 1250. In the meantime, frequently check our website for any update letters or podcasts from the President.


Any questions or concerns contact any member of the Safety Committee or any Union official.


            If you have safety concerns and need a member of the UAW Health & Safety Committee do not hesitate to get a hold of us. We have safety reps located in each business. Below is a list of UAW Safety reps by business and shift.

Large Aero

Small Aero





Sandy Bulls-1st Shift

Michelle Taylor-1st Shift

Eric Knuckles-1st Shift

Randy Stout-1st Shift

Larry Smith-1st Shift

Don Galloway-1st Shift

Brent Gibson-2nd shift

Donna Gibson-1st Shift

Kevin Fallon-1st Shift

Jim Pettit-2nd Shift

Rick Peck-2nd Shift

Scott Berhent-1st Shift

Clayton Merriweather-3rd Shift

Robin Koecher-2nd Shift

Doug Peko-2nd Shift





In Solidarity,

Dan Leatherman

UAW Local 1050

Health & Safety Chairman