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Presidentís Update


Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,


As the summer months quickly approach, business as usual seems to be the norm during these booming times for both the Aerospace and Wheels Businesses. The growth of our location is at an all-time high and records are broken, it seems like, quarterly. There are currently great opportunities for friends and families to apply for job openings as well as current employees to advance their careers in higher paying jobs through the Apprentice Program that is currently in the infant stage, Ultra-Sonic Inspector Trainees and Facility Maintenance Specialist (FMS) Trainees. Until recently, all these jobs were filled from off the street instead of promoting within. These are some more activities that are highlighted as we try and beat the heat!


        We are a few months past our one-year mark under the current collective bargaining agreement since receiving our negotiated two 3% pay increases already with another increase expected at 2-1/2% due on February 25, 2019. 

        Our year to date performance pay is just above 4% through May.

        Since the departures of the Labor Relations Manager and the Human Resource Manager as of April 1, there has been a sudden stall of the grievance procedure in both hearing grievances timely as well as getting answers timely. Not to mention the everyday issues that arise or have been delayed in resolution. You would think that there would be a ďPlan-BĒ until replacements are hired?

        We have recently approved and had Membership I.D. Cards printed for those that have been hired since 2016 that should be here any day now and will have them distributed as soon as possible.

        We recently ordered and received new hard hat UAW Local 1050 stickers and printed new updated By-Laws for our Local Union. Please see your respective Plant Committees for distribution.

        As the Local Union traditionally gets approval for, we have cancelled our summer month Union Meetings in lieu of vacations by Executive Board and Membership approval last month.

        Our location management is currently proposing a multimillion dollar investment to have another Aerospace Hydraulic Press installed at our location to increase our press capacity and keep up with the un-precedented demand in the Aerospace market. There has been a lot of behind the scenes engineering, planning and pencil sharpening going on to present a realistic proposal to the Arconic Board of Directors for approval. This is obviously a great opportunity for our location to increase capabilities and securities for our futures.

        Our Local Standing Committees will be co-sponsoring jointly with Arconic another Christmas in July for our Veteranís at the Cleveland Veteranís Administration Hospital in Wade Park. They are looking for volunteers to help with the event as Iím sure you have seen the raffle that they recently had to raise monies for our veterans. Please Contact Karen Becker or Gino Roldan for more information. The Christmas in July will be on Saturday July 21, 2018 from 12:00PM until 3:00PM.


In Solidarity,

Don Mohn

President, UAW Local 1050


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