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 President’s Update





First, I would like to apologize for not being on the floor as much as I would like.  That will change very soon. 

On a daily basis, we are dealing with issues and battling the company. One of the issues is our members being in unsafe working conditions and along with the daily work hazards some have to worry about racoons.  S plant probably has more racoons than they do employees. Needless to say, we are preparing to grieve this issue and force the company to relieve the workforce from their duties until the safety violation is resolved.  We will keep everyone updated.

Also, safety is very important to all of us.  If you’re unsure, ask.  If you know it’s unsafe, stop and contact a safety rep. everyday, we put our health and safety on the line for an ungrateful company. There are no rewards and recognition. We make this company millions of dollars and they continue to treat us as ‘less than’.  We need to stick together as UAW members. We need to ensure that the contract is adhered to. If overtime is violated…grieve it. Improper job assignments, grieve it.  Safety issues, grieve it. This facility is useless without us…so it is our job to watch each other’s back, stay safe, and make the company honor our contract.

So, it appears that we will soon be getting a new HR Manager. The one we had took his ‘talents’ to the wheel organization. Usually, with a new manager comes a change in staff. Trust me, we are used to it.


Stay tuned for future updates.


In Solidarity,

Jeff Judson Sr.

Jeff Judson Sr.

President, UAW Local Union 1050


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