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President’s Update



Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,


As the new year flies by with daily news of uncertainty under the current name of Arconic we are all employed by, we still make money in spite of ourselves! A couple of years ago, we were constantly reminded of the rumors on wall street that Honeywell was going to buy Arconic. Last year, the regular rumor was how there were investment companies interested in buying Arconic. At the end of the day, the deal didn’t happen. We can’t seem to get an actual reason of why the deal fell through other than the media reporting “sources close to the company” giving excuses of why it fell through. In the meantime, we have once again been tasked with the burden of uncertainty by firing another CEO and replacing “Temporarily” with another for the next 11 months. We have been told that Alcoa/Arconic for the last 10 years has been grossly mismanaged. We have been told that there is a need to reduce $200 Million Dollars of spending/costs under the Arconic umbrella to start, to make the shareholders/investment companies a profit that will keep us out of the wall street rumor mill of take overs. There is apparently a plan without a plan. Arconic will once again be split into two more independent companies. Some will remain under the Arconic umbrella and some will be spun off into another made up name we will call “For Now”. Questions can’t be answered right now to which company Cleveland Operations will be under…Arconic or “For Now”? What about Aero and Wheels? Will Cleveland remain under the same company name? Could there be two totally separate company names Arconic on one side of the lot and “For Now” on the other side? We can’t get answers. What about the cost of once again splitting the company? Crickets!  The one thing that everyone needs to know is that at minimum, Cleveland Works is still at capacity with record work. We have long term contracts with multiple customers including Government Defense. We are in a great position during this uncertainty as opposed to other locations that aren’t as fortunate with undoubtably detrimental fate to be eliminated and make the shareholders/investment companies more profit. The spending and cost cuttings will take effect immediately. There will be some Salary folks we work with regularly that will no doubt be affected. Stay tuned to the restructuring secret as we are obviously on a “need to know basis” with the plan. Once we get more information and or direction, we will certainly communicate. Other information is as follows:

·        We just received our last wage increase for the current collective Bargaining Agreement we are in to the tune of 2.5% increase across all job grades.

·        Our current contract expires in about a year 2/28/20 at 11:59PM.

·        We will be having our triennial elections of Officers in the Spring (May).

·        There are four (4) Arconic Plants that are represented by the Steelworkers Union under the Master Agreement representing 3900 Members that has their current four-year agreement expire on May 15, 2019. It will be interesting to see the battle they are up against with Corporation not really knowing the direction the Businesses.

·        The company has committed to another Apprentice Class for our Trades in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes on the bulletin boards for sign ups.

·        The Civil & Human Rights Committee is having another Blood Drive on March 5, 2019. Please see a Committee Member for availability. The times are from 8:00AM until 4:00PM. Postings are throughout the Plants

·        Union Membership Meetings are held at the Union Hall every third Sunday of the month at 10:30AM. Contract talks aren’t that far away and the best place to hear information or share opinions is at a Union Meeting.

Please keep in your prayers for our Retiree Chairperson Larry Doyle. He took a fall at a UAW Retiree Conference and has been fighting to recover for the past 4 weeks. He is back home now but has a long road to recovery.


In Solidarity,

Don Mohn

President, UAW Local 1050

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