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UAW Local 1050 Update


Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,

There hasnít been a whole lot to update as of late until now. It seems to work a little better by communicating updates using bullet points rather than try and make an article flow and make sense with multiple topics.

         The Bargaining Committee just finished a meeting with the company regarding the business conditions and how we are now being affected by the public once again taking to the sky to travel. Orders from customers are staring to quickly increase so to keep up with demand, the company will be immediately recalling All Production that is on layoff status starting today. There are approximately 42 still on layoff status. Also, there are 7 Electrical Apprentices still on layoff status. The company just received approval for 5 to be recalled with the remaining 2 still waiting approval for August 2, 2021.

         After all the Laid off Members are contacted, the company intends to additionally post outside for Production Traineeís to fill the many open spots created by retirements, resignations or terminations for the past year. New Hires will once again be the norm going forward.

         The company will be looking to fill the positions of Forger Trainee by recruiting another Forger Trainee Program soon so if you are interested, look for the posting and the opportunity to sign up.

         We recently received a notice from the International UAW giving Local Unions the ability to have Union Meetings and events as long as we can do so safely. There are postings in the Plant and our website stating that Sunday July 18, 2021, we will be having a Union Meeting at 10:30AM.

         There has been another change at the UAW International Executive Board as President Rory Gamble has elected to retire along with Vice President Gerald Kariem. Ray Curry our former Secretary-Treasurer has been named President of the UAW Intranational. Ray Curry will be the 4th President in less than 3 years. Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin will replace Ray Curry as the current Secretary Treasurer and Region 1A Director Chuck Browning will be the replacement for Gerald Kariemís retirement as the Vice President of the UAW International.

         In Aero, the 15,000 Ton Press is finally back up and running and seems to have no issues to speak of. The company will be manning the 15K, 8001 & 50K all 3 shifts. The 35K will be crewed on 1st shift only.

         CVW is currently on Planned shut down with work on the 8002/ 8003 Presses and X & Y Plant Presses. Wheels is still running strong.


In Solidarity,

Don Mohn 

Don Mohn

President, UAW Local 1050