Mark Mohn

 Forge Plant Chair         



Forge Plant Update


Brothers and Sisters of local 1050,

Your Forge Plant is working each day to get the many issues resolved in a timelier manner. The Grievance procedure is back to a manageable level as we are starting to hear grievances monthly. We are pleased that more are getting resolved at the first step level. As for the business, it looks as if the Small Aero business is starting to pick back up and some members are getting called back. Unfortunately, for the rest of the members on lay-off itís a head count issue with the company, so as one member retires or quits the company will recall. We are doing our best to argue for every area as we are aware of all the mandatory overtime going on in areas where members are laid-off. One of the big issues we are hearing about is the company forcing members to perform multiple tasks within their classification because of reduction in forces. Remember, you can only perform one task at a time to perform SAFELY and produce a QUALITY product. If this is happening to you and youíre being overwhelmed, tell your supervisor youíre working under protest, (do not refuse) and you want a Union Representative. What the company does is reduce Members in an area, overwhelm the Members with more work, then hold you accountable if you make a mistake. Let your Union Representative resolve the issue. We will continue to address these issues along with working to get all our laid-off Brothers and Sisters back to work.

Contract books should have been distributed by your supervisor. If you did not receive one, please see them for a copy. If you have any issues with receiving one, contact A Union Representative.

We thank you for your continued support!


In Solidarity,


Mark Mohn

Chair, Forge Plant      


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