Mark Mohn

 Forge Plant Chair         


Forge Plant Update

   Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,                                                                                             8/1/18



Hope everyone is enjoying the summer with family. Itís hard to believe we are already talking about kids going back to school, school supplies and Football.

 Just want to give a quick update on your Forge Plant and how the Committee has been working for you. We would first like to welcome all the new members we have had over the past several months. Itís nice to see the membership grow at such a needed pace. Please look for your Chief Stewards as they will be passing out membership cards. We will still need to get some made as new Members are added so if you donít get one, we will add you to the list for the next order.

Unfortunately, things have slowed in the grievance process do to fact Labor Relations has changed again. Now we get to work through another learning curve. As of July 17th, we held a second step meeting with the company and anticipate the answers by 8-6-18. It looks like we have a date of 8-29 and 8-30 for 3rd step grievance hearings. We will be notifying the Grievant the week of 8-20-18 as to the time of your grievance.

Some of the other issues we are continuing to battle are the contracting out of our work in the Test Lab, Metal Room and CNC. It only makes sense to have full control of our own product flowing through the plant. It will not only help our delivery to our customer on time, it will also help to eliminate the contracting out costs that affect our performance pay by paying an outside source more money than if we did the work in-house.

 We are also in a battle with the Wheels group over various safety issues and Supervisors working. Itís sad when we are preached to about our safety by the company only to have them turn their head on the countless smoke issues members are complaining about in Wheels. We have contacted the International UAW, OSHA, EPA and corporate (ethic & compliance) on these issues. We are working tirelessly to get it resolved. Another problem is working Supervisors; Supervision is not to perform the functions of the hourly workforce but just about every day they violate this language in Wheels. Itís clear to me that if they are always performing Bargaining Unit work, then why do they need a Supervisor in the area?  Another issue in Wheels we are also addressing is the bullying tactics they are using when Safety complaints or Grievances are filed. I ask you to continue to document and report these ongoing issues to a Union rep. In closing, be safe look out for your fellow Sisters and Brothers as we look forward to seeing you at the next Union meeting 9-16-18.

In Solidarity,

Mark Mohn

Mark Mohn

Chair, Forge Plant      


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