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Compliant Driver License Identification Cards

Continuing security changes have prompted the Department of Homeland Security to begin issuing Compliant DL-ID cards. This will go into effect October 2020, where many states have followed this new standard. Ohio began processing new compliant IDs July 2, 2018.

This type of ID is not needed for everybody, but if you plan to fly commercially (i.e. airport security screening), enter a federal facility, or military base, then you might need one. Otherwise a current U.S. Passport or Passport Card would work. The fee for this ID card is the same as the standard one already issued.

The bad part is, the number of required documents that must be presented to get this card. These separate documents will have:

1.      Full Legal Name A birth certificate or valid passport would cover the first three items.

2.      Date of Birth

3.      Proof of U.S. legal Presence

4.      Social Security Number SSN card, W2 wage and tax statement.

5.      Two Proofs of Address Utility bill, etc., tax return filing,

6.      Legal Name Change If married or divorced which involved a last name change. (i.e. marriage certificate, decree of divorce, certified court ordered name change).

For more information on State of Ohio requirements of ID documentation, go to

For more information on TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) screening ID requirements, go to



In Solidarity,

Rick Peck, Consumer Affairs