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September 14, 2017



Citizenship and Legislative Report

Dan Dombek


Judge the Judges


With mid-term elections coming closer every day, an enormous amount of Ohio’s media attention is focused on the Gubernatorial and Senate races --- and rightly so. But let’s not forget the all-important judicial races.


Thomas Suddes, an editorial board member for the Plain Dealer, recently published an article focusing on these competitions.  The Ohio Court of Appeals has 12 districts, all 12 will have mid-term elections. To search candidates in your area, check the following:

            Cuyahoga County:  8th District

            Median, Summit, Lorain:  9th District

            Lake, Geauga, Portage, Ashtabula: 11th District


Judicial races will also take place for Common Pleas and County Courts.  A non- partisan website, “Judicial Votes Count” is a convenient way to help you access the various candidates.


Ohio’s Supreme Court has seven judges and two of those seats are up for election this November.


Democrat William O’Neil stepped down from the High Court to run in the primary for governor. Governor Kasich appointed a republican to fill in that vacant seat. This interestingly has cemented a 7-0 republican majority in Ohio’s Supreme Court.


The UAW CAP Council should announce our endorsed candidates by early October. DO YOUR HOMEWORK to know which candidates will serve you and your family the best!


Voter registration must be done by October 9.


Election Day is November 6.