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Citizenship/Legislative Update



September 5, 2017


HB 53 Title:“Remove requirements to join public employee union

Ohio HB 53 Introduced on 2/13/17 is being held in queue for the opportune moment to be brought to the floor for a vote in Ohio’s 2017 congressional session.  Extreme members in Ohio’s House of Representatives, along with corporate lobbyists and special interest groups, are pushing a dangerous “right to work” bill. These laws cut our pay and benefits, weaken workplace safety and make it easier for miserly (think Scrooge) CEOs to ship our jobs overseas.

“Right to work” laws silence workers’ voice on the job and make it harder for people in our communities to make ends meet. Working people deserve the right to negotiate good, fair contracts for deserved wages, safer workplaces, pensions,medical coverage and better quality of life.

We strongly urge you to make your voice heard and oppose Right-to Work Laws such as the one currently alive in our State’s House of Representatives -  HB 53 Titled:Remove requirements to join public employee union”

“Right-To-Work Laws” are Wrong for working people!

Call Your House Representative Now and tell them VOTE NO on HB 53!  Feel free to let them know you are a proud UAW member!


If you don’t know who your state rep is – please find out because that person wields power with the stroke of their pen for or against you.