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August 15, 2018

Three Cheers for Organized Labor!



Right to Work gets shot down! The state of Missouri recently voted overwhelmingly to defeat Proposition A. This was a Right to Work law passed by their legislature 2017. It was also signed by their governor. A referendum went on the ballot after 300,000+ signatures halted the implementation of this law.


Proposition A would have made it illegal for unions who represent workers to charge fees for their services. These workers would, in effect, get a free ride by enjoying union negotiated benefits.


Right to Work is a major objective for big business and primarily supported by the Republican Party. In the 2016 presidential election, Missouri strongly supported Donald Trump.


Proposition A drew one-third of the statesí registered voters out to the polls. For a primary election, it was Missouriís highest turnout in more than a decade. The measure was shot down by a 67-33 percent vote.


Pro Right to Work groups claim this will bring in more jobs. Labor groups led by construction workers and the AFL-CIO contributed heavily in a successful effort to defeat the issue.


Economists say Right to Work does little to help the economy and does not help workers. Quite frequently workers wages decreased. Economists at the University of Missouri concluded that Right to Work would cut household income up to $2500. With corporate CEOs earning 270 times more than their average workers, Right to Work must be kicked out the door!



Dan Dombek

Citizenship/Legislative Chairman