James "Gappy" Burney

 Vice President




                      Vice President Report


 Vice President’s Update


Brothers and Sisters, I am very happy and proud to be representing this great local for another term as Vice-President. This is a very important election with the upcoming contract negotiations in February 2017. There have been many issues the current Bargaining Committee has dealt with in these last 3 yrs. Many of the issues will be brought up at contract negotiations I have no doubt and I believe that the current Bargaining Committee is who we need to negotiate a fair and equitable contract.  The Aerospace business is booming and we have more work than we can hardly handle. That’s a good problem to have. Even though the Wheels business is slow now, it is cyclical and will pick up. We are in a good position to make sure with all the potential business coming in, that the hard working members of UAW Local 1050 should benefit from this as well.

In the past 3 yrs. I have been the point of contact for the Union for all information requests to the company to protect our jobs that are trying to be eliminated. These info requests allow us to properly police the C.B.A. for contracting out and if the information is not provided we then file board charges with the NLRB. This has helped us to keep the Metal Room Dept. intact and is helping us to keep the Test Lab to not be eliminated so far. Mark Mohn and I have worked hand in hand on these issues. I have, with Don Mohn’s assistance and guidance had to negotiate a new cotton uniform contract due to Coyne backing out of their agreement. Setting up a uniform system for over 400 members is not a simple task. And as a great many of you know, it’s a continuous struggle to get the new outfit “Aramark” to do their job correctly. It took almost 2 yrs. but all the members who signed up in the beginning received their negotiated free jackets. I have been involved with most appointed committee’s such as the Civil and Human Rights, Bereavement, Women’s, Safety and FMLA. As the By-laws Chair I’ve had to submit changes to our International twice. In short I have learned a great deal in this role and I have enjoyed working with everybody and getting to work with more of the members on day to day issues like points, pay, overtime, personal issues, etc…

I would personally like to thank the current Bargaining Committee and the Appointed Committee Chairs for all of the knowledge and help they’ve given to me. With the exception of our current Recording Secretary Donna Gibson not seeking re-election, I support all of the current officers in this upcoming election. I really believe the right people with the knowledge, experience and best interest of this membership are in place. Donna was great in her role as Recording Secretary and I do believe that Dan Leatherman, the new Recording Secretary (congrats to Dan) will do an exceptional job as well.

I encourage everyone to vote and stay involved in events, meetings and asking questions to the elected officials to keep informed on our issues we deal with as a membership together. I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, the handful of elected officials does not make up the “Union”! It’s all of the members sticking together and looking out for each other that makes a Union strong. We have a lot of new members and I’m happy to see that they are coming in with positive attitudes and asking questions and that our senior members are taking them under their wings to help train them and keep them safe.

Good luck to all candidates in the upcoming elections. And again I am thankful, honored and proud to be representing this great local for another 3 yrs.                                                                                            

 In Solidarity,

 James “Gappy” Burney                                                                                                              

James V Burney                                                                                   

Vice President, UAW Local 1050