James "Gappy" Burney

 Vice President



                           Vice President Report




2019 Special Convention on Collective Bargaining

                                                      March 11-13, Detroit Michigan


President Gary Jones opens the convention and reinforces the message of the convention “We Are One”! He then announces that the International Board has voted to increase strike pay from $200/week to $250/week effective immediately.  And that in January of 2020 it will be raised to $275/week.

            An overview of the convention was presented, and 5 Resolutions were read and discussed.

There was a Presentation of the Douglas Fraser Excellence in Community Service Award presented to U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell in honor of her husband John Dingell who was the longest-ever serving Congressperson serving from 1955-2015.

The UAW V-CAP Award was presented once again to Region 5, home Region of Gary Jones and now represented by Regional Director Vance Pearson.



Ray Curry, International Secretary Treasurer gives an update on the Strike and Defense Fund. The fund is in very good shape at $767 million. The highest it’s ever been. It has gone up steadily from 2015-2018. Once the fund reaches $850 million our monthly     dues will be reduced to 2 hrs. per month and will not increase unless the fund drops to $650 million at which point they would increase back to 2 1/2 hrs. per month.  2017 investments paid off very well. 2018 showed a small loss of expenditures over income due to election related activities. OFB (Operating Fund Balance) is still strong at $67 million.  We have 400,000 members and that trend is steady.

Derrick Johnson, President NAACP speaks about the politics going on in the country today. Tribalism and separation of groups is keeping us from sticking together on the important issues that affect us all.  1958 was the first Special Convention on Bargaining. The biggest topic was Profit Sharing for workers. This was considered controversial at the time and caused quite a stir with corporations.

Cindy Estrada Vice President FCA Sector Spoke on FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Everything from sales to future investments sounded very good.

Terry Dittes Vice President GM Sector stated that GM sells the most vehicles in America and has the highest profits in America but unfortunately does not make the most vehicles in America. That honor belongs to Ford. 1/3 of GM’s vehicles are built in Mexico. That’s 700,000 vehicles. Unfortunately, Lordstown is being closed. Must rally together to fix that.

8 Resolutions were read and discussed.


Rory Gamble Vice President Ford Sector says Ford is in good shape and has had 9 years of good business but there will be a tough fight at negotiations to remind Ford Company that it has had 9 years of prosperity and they need to share in the wealth.           

Jennifer Kelly, Director of Research gives a presentation on how automation of vehicles, plants and machinery will pose a threat to our future jobs if we don’t negotiate now to protect jobs and make sure the companies invest in training our production workers to keep up with the advancements in technology and skilled trades to secure our jobs in the future. Bugatti is currently printing titanium brake calipers with 3D printing. 18 automotive parts are currently being printed. By 2025 it will be 203 parts. Automakers to invest $300 billion in electric vehicles globally. 11 billion at Ford and 10. 5 billion at FCA.

2 Resolutions read and discussed.

President Gary Jones adjourns the convention and Solidarity Forever is sung.

This is my report of the 2019 Special Convention on Bargaining.


In Solidarity, James “Gappy” Burney, Delegate.

James “Gappy” Burney

James V. Burney

Vice President UAW Local 1050