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LOCAL 1050
2507 Harvard Avenue (Rear) Cleveland OH 44105
Phone: 216-341-7900   Fax: 216-341-5545
Don Mohn, President









Election of Delegates

Nominations and Dates


         The Election Committee has selected the following dates, times, and locations for the Election of Delegates to the 37th Constitutional Convention of the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America, UAW.


        All members in good standing of UAW Local 1050 shall stand nominated for the office of Delegate.


           All members of UAW Local 1050 must be in continuous good standing for one year prior to the nomination period and must declare their intention as a candidate. All candidates must be current in their dues.

Declaring Nomination

       To become a candidate you must declare your nomination by submitting your name in writing, EXACTLY AS YOU DESIRE IT TO APPEAR ON THE BALLOT for the position of Delegate. Nominees shall have seven (7) days in which to notify the Election Committee of their acceptance of nomination starting on 3/16/2018 and ending on 3/26/2018. There are two ways to do this:


1.) Declare by letter:

By Mail: submit your name by letter, it can be submitted to Chris Marotta, Election Committee Chair, c/o UAW Local 1050, 2507 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland OH, 44105.        

 By Hand: Acceptance letters will also be received by the following Election Committee Officers:


  • Dawn Farnam


·         Gary Dickson


·         Tammy Akers

  • Diane Bohl




2.) Declare by Signing the Nomination Acceptance Book: The Nomination Acceptance Book will be available at the Union Hall on 3/16/2018 and 3/26/2018 from 5:00 am until 5:00 pm for nominees to accept nomination.

         There will be a candidates meeting on 3/28/2018 at 3:30PM. A drawing will be held at this meeting to determine the candidate position on the ballot.

Election of Delegates

       The voting will take place in the “A-Plant” cafeteria, Building #118 cafeteria and the Union Hall on April 25,2018. Polls will be open from 5:00am until 5:00pm. All retirees must vote at the Union Hall, active members can vote at either polling location. The two (2) candidates with the most votes will be “Delegates,” the third and fourth-voted Candidates will be “Alternates.” In the event of a tie, the Election Committee Chair or his designee will use a “coin-toss” to determine the winner, with all parties given the opportunity to be present.


           Identification for those members working, on vacation or sick leave must show their Union Membership Card or Arconic ID badge. Retired Members must show their Alcoa/Arconic Retirement Card or Ohio Drivers License. Challenge Ballots will be available if needed. Challengers must register with the Election Committee at the time of acceptance of nomination, whether in writing or at the signing of the Nomination Acceptance Book.

In Solidarity,


Chris Marotta                                                              Don Mohn                             

Election Committee Chair                                               President, UAW Local 1050


(Remember to notify Local 1050 if you have had a change of address by calling 216-341-7900. Leave a message with your name, and new address information.)