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April 3, 2018




            There was a candidate meeting at the close of the book signing and names were drawn to establish the order the names will appear on the ballot. They are as follows:

                                                                         ·       Robin Kocher

                                                                         ·       Larry Doyle

                                                                         ·       James “Gappy”  Burney

                                                                         ·       Rick “Dude” Peck

                                                                         ·       Robert Zaucha Jr.

                                                                         ·       Mark J. Mohn

                                                                         ·       Rhonda Howell

                                                                         ·       Dan Leatherman

                                                                         ·       Karon Waites Jr.

                                                                         ·       Jose L. Valles

                                                                         ·       Don Mohn



Election of Delegates

       The voting will take place in the “A-Plant” cafeteria, Building #118 cafeteria and the Union Hall on April 25, 2018. Polls will be open from 5:00am until 5:00pm. All retirees must vote at the Union Hall, active members can vote at either polling location. The two (2) candidates with the most votes will be “Delegates,” the third, fourth voted Candidates will be “Alternates.” In the event of a tie, the Election Committee Chair or his designee will use a “coin-toss” to determine the winner, with all parties given the opportunity to be present.


In Solidarity,


Chris Marotta

Chris Marotta

Election Chair