By Executive Board recommendation and approval, we would like to thank you all for your continued support by once again having a “Hotdog Day” (All Beef) as a small token of our appreciation.

Please fill out the bottom section of this form and turn them in to your Department Steward so we know how many to deliver each shift, place and time. We will have them delivered at the designated gates 2,3,5&6.

The date will be Friday August 25, 2017.


(Please limit 2 Hotdogs per person)


Member Name:                                                                                                                              


Department Name:                                                                                                       


Shift:                                     Lunch Time to be dropped off:                                  Gate to be dropped off:                              


How Many Dogs Plain?                  With onions?                    With chili?             With coleslaw?              


How Many Mustards?                                                   How Many Ketchups?                   


Please tear this off at the perforated line above and turn it in to a Union Steward or Officer

by August 23,2017