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Contract Update


Brothers and Sisters of UAW Local 1050, as you have probably heard by now from supervisors trying to influence you, our contract extension from the company will expire at 11:59 PM Wednesday March 18th.

We were given this deadline with the idea of being able to have a meeting with all of you to explain all the details of the company's last, best and final offer. Your Bargaining Committee has an obligation to explain to you fully what is in this offer that affects all the membership including the retirees. The meeting would allow the membership to ask any questions or express your concerns and then have a vote.

The meeting was set up for Sunday March 15th but was cancelled due to Executive Order by the governor over the COVID-19 virus limiting, at that time, no more than 100 people able to meet in a closed setting. In addition, we were told by The Department of Health that we could be held liable if any member was to contract the virus while attending the meeting. Our goal is to wait until this pandemic issue has cleared before going forward with the meeting and a vote. It is the responsible, ethical and safest thing to do.

The company doesn't agree with this and even though they are currently splitting up crews on their break times and moved tables out of the cafeteria to limit social distancing but they want us to have 700 plus members get together for a meeting and a vote. We will not put a vote ahead of our members and their family’s health and safety. We have 7 retirees on our Election Committee that are at an age that is high risk for this virus. We want to get through this as soon as possible and know that everyone else wants to as well, but at what cost?

Keep in mind it was perfectly ok for the company to be able to send letters to your home to say vote yes, but your elected Union officials are not allowed to tell you to vote no on a concessionary contract that would impact the entire membership. The company wants to hurry up and have this vote regardless of your health concerns.

Please keep focused, stay healthy, wash your hands often and keep your social distances. Continue to come to work as usual unless you hear otherwise.

 In Solidarity, UAW Local 1050 Bargaining Committee